Texas summers and sharks!

Texas summers are so so so hot! This year has actually been bearable but on Saturday it was blazing and so my friend and I went to go get these amazing drinks from a stand on the side of the road.









OMG look at that! It was a strawberry lemonade with pineapples and tons of sour candies. She found it because she is familiar with the area this is in and I owe her big time because it may be my new favorite summer treat!

Sharks are friends not food




Side note: This is my go to look now! Bodysuits and jeans are manageable and can be dressed up, down and sideways!





You know how excited I was to have a little shark on this drink, all I could think as I ate him was “Sharks are friends not food.” It was an interesting to think because it’s cute and quippy but also very real! Shark finning is a cruel and upsetting practice and your voice is needed to stop it! Here are petitions for North America and Canada to Save our sharks 

This is a cause near and dear to my heart and I thought of it whilst I ate my gummy shark, which is the only way shark should be eaten in my opinion!

I hope you have a wonderful and yummy summer, in the comments tell me your favorite hot summer day treat!



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