Shark week!

In honor of Shark week here are 15 things sharks teach us:
  1. The best way to be successful is to keep moving, keep doing.
  2. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. Not everything has to be food.
  3. Fostering mutually beneficial relationships makes life easier. Gotta keep our bellies clean.
  4. We shouldn’t always trust our perception of a situation. That seal might just be a surfer.
  5. There are so many ways to do one thing, find the one that works for you and perfect it. You might be the kind of shark that stuns its prey or the kind that charges up on it from below.
  6. Looks do not determine personality. Dolphins can, at times, be more aggressive than sharks.
  7. It’s okay if not everyone likes us, staying true to who we are is more important than acceptance.
  8. Even the biggest baddest person is scared of something. See: killer whales killing sharks.
  9. Appreciate the time you have on this earth. Shark populations are dwindling due to a variety of human caused factors.
  10. Do things with passion. Self-explanatory.
  11. Don’t be afraid to let people care for you. I love videos of tiger sharks enjoying some belly rubs.
  12. Adapt to excel in your environment. Bull sharks live in both the ocean and bayous in big cities alike.
  13. Don’t stop yourself from doing things you want to do because you’re scared. Again referring to the symbiotic relationship between sharks and feeder fish.
  14. We are all beautiful in our various looks and styles.
  15. Sometimes a little aggression gets you where you need to be (not physical aggression! Mental.)
I could go on forever but I think it would bore everyone to death, not everyone likes sharks like I do! I am going to have such a good shark week, and so should you. Treat yourself, get a cupcake and just watch an hour or so a day. I find it really important to do absolutely nothing (no phone/computer/tv) for at least 15 minutes a day and do one activity mindfully for an hour. Helps me increase my sense of self-awareness and hey it’s a great excuse to watch shark week.
Have a fun shark week y’all!

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