My 5 favorite productivity tips!









I might not be the most qualified to dole out tips on everyday productivity, but when I sit down to get stuff done I am unstoppable. So these are my tips for creating the best environment to be uber productive!

  • Kickass music is such an important part of productivity for me. When I’m writing or trying to be intellectually productive I need rainy sounds and classical music and when I’m cleaning or being physically productive I love listening to loud music. I just find that having the right mindset/ambiance is the perfect way to really get my work done.
  • My new obsession is printables, they are helpful for everything from inspirational quotes to day planning. Surrounding yourself with positive and motivating words is a great way to keep you in the right head space to get work done. I personally love planning out my day using gorgeous printables from Caylee Grey. (
  • Schedules are so so helpful, some people can just do a general to do list and check things off but I need to schedule my day hour by hour and then there’s a sense of culpability if I don’t get things done. I tend to give myself a little longer than I need to finish tasks just to account for things I didn’t expect or other tasks that pop up. With extra time at the end of my schedule I can do more productive stuff or I can take a little break and treat myself.
  • Having something to look forward to when you’re done doing what you need to do is also a great way to motivate yourself to get things done. I treat myself with smaller things for smaller tasks. For example getting an entire weeks worth of blog posts written is cause to let myself watch a few episodes of whatever show I’m currently watching without feeling like I’m being lazy. But for bigger things like a research paper or a semester of school I’ve got a small list of things I want like books/tattoos/shoes, not crazy expensive stuff but little things that are fuel for the long nights spent pulling my hair out in frustration.
  • Ambiance is one of my favorite things about super productive days, and its a little more than just making places pretty. I need to organize my space if I want to get anything done. A cluttered space is so much reflective of a cluttered mind and I find that unorganized spaces just create this productivity roadblock and I keep getting distracted throughout the day.
  • Mindless munchies- I find that I get bored with doing just one thing at once and so my mind tells me that I’m hungry. The best way to combat this is having a bowl of healthy snacks. (My snacks could’ve been healthier today but I didn’t break for lunch so I was just eating snacks for lunch!)

Since (at least for now) I am under age I have added a cocktail correspondent for these sections of the Tuesday posts!








Cocktail Correspondent: “After a long day of checking things off of a to do list I think a great way to celebrate is sitting down with a refreshing drink. My favorite drink to do that with  is a Moscow Mule. You can do it plain and simple or you can add a twist, so here is my favorite recipe with a twist:

4 fresh strawberries

4 fresh basil leaves

juice from 1/2 of a fresh lime

1 1/2 ounces vodka

ginger beer

crushed ice

Muddle Strawberries, Basil, Ginger beer, and lime juice. Add vodka and stir. Put in plenty of ice, pour into your copper Moscow mule mugs, and enjoy!”

If you’re not a drinker I actually made a virgin spin off of this drink today:

4 fresh strawberries

4 basil leaves

juice from 1/2 of a small fresh lime

Topo Chico mineral water

Crushed ice

Muddle strawberries and basil, add the lime juice and Topo Chico, pour into Moscow mule mug, add ice, and enjoy!



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