July Favorites!

July faves

Happy August everyone! It’s such a bittersweet month for me because it means that fall is one month closer (!!!!!!) but it also means that school is just around the corner. I was looking back at July and I found so many products that I absolutely adored so I thought I would share them with you!


  • Tarte amazonian clay 12 hour foundation- I am obsessed with this featherlight yet heavy coverage foundation. I have had the hardest time finding a foundation that matches my skin and isn’t drying, but this foundation does it all! It gives a beautiful healthy and dewy finish, it offers full coverage, and it feels like you aren’t wearing anything. It also doesn’t take much to cover your whole face and it leaves a gorgeous airbrushed finish.
  • Becca X Jaclyn Hill champagne collection face palette- This is my favorite makeup product I’ve ever bought, I don’t even know where to begin trying to describe this to you. It’s a powder palette with two highlighters, and three blushes and all five are absolutely gorgeous. Champagne pop is a gorgeous soft white/gold shade with pink undertones, and Prosecco pop is a warm golden color. Both highlighters are so pigmented and creamy, plus they both work on my skin tone perfectly. Amaretto is a matte warm light brown shade, Pamplemousse is a matte coral shade, and Rosé spritz is a soft shimmery peach shade and just like the highlighters they all work with my skin tone. I was so surprised that Amaretto worked with my skin as brown blushes tend to look too harsh on me, however it just gives me a wonderful warm summery look! Also can we just talk about how cute the names are!! My last note about this palette is that aesthetically it is a gorgeous palette and the mirror is huge, Jaclyn clearly put so much time and effort into this amazing product. (Unfortunately at this time you can only find people selling them on various websites, but all the prices are pretty steep. If you are buying from somewhere like that you should be aware that the palette was only $52 originally!)
  • Real Techniques Core brush set-  These brushes rock! They are so affordable and very dense so they apply product so smoothly. They also come with a pretty nice case which I will never say no to (I have a makeup case problem, but I travel so much that I constantly need cases) I grabbed mine at target or you can get them at the link above!


  • Aveda Rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner– This is mainly a favorite because the smell of these products is so heavenly! I don’t use this when I’m going for a very deep conditioning or cleaning because it’s a pretty standard shampoo/conditioner but I love how invigorating it is! When I worked in a warehouse (Only 2 weeks so I’m not an expert) I loved to use this shampoo because it made me feel so clean but I would mix some of my Aussie deeeeeeeeeeeep conditioner into the aveda conditioner because my hair felt so dried out.


  • Cetaphil face cleanser– I don’t really have to rant and rave about this product because if you struggle with acne you’ve probably heard of this. I have been struggling with acne for years but my skin seems to improve the most when I use this soap. I don’t think it’s my end all be all product but it has given me results other products failed to give and it’s worth trying if you feel like you’ve tried everything.
  • CeraVe Lotion– On sort of the same tip as the face wash this lotion has helped so much with my skin. I always thought I had oily skin and I needed to get oil free products and scrub my face and that lotion was a terrible idea for my already oily skin but then a friend turned me onto this product and everything changed. I found that I actually have pretty dry skin and this lotion has helped combat the overproduction of oil and has given my skin the hydration it needs!


  • Welcome to Nightvale podcast- I am a huge fan of podcasts, especially ones that are more geared towards storytelling and this is by far my favorite podcast I’ve been listening to this month! It’s a really cool lovecraftian radio show for this little desert town called Nightvale. This town is.. quirky to say the least. It’s a little creepy at times and it’s pretty ridiculous (in the best way!) It’s also a fun way to find new music because they do a section where they just play a song every podcast and it’s always someone pretty unknown and they always seem to be great songs. I travel between my house, my dads house, and my moms house so often that I need something interesting to listen to in the car so I listen to it on the podcast app on my iPhone.
  • Staedtler pens- I just recently got super into planning and organizing my notes by colors (I’ll do a full post on this soon if you want to know more!) and I love these pens so much. They don’t bleed, they write so smoothly, they come in a nice case, and they come in so many awesome colors!


If this is something you enjoyed let me know and I’ll make this a monthly post! This is a pretty short favorites list so I might think about doing videos over this so I can show you the products I’m talking about. If you have any favorites from last month that you want me to try out leave a comment!



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