4 ways to wear a bandana!

If you follow enough celebrities on social media you will for sure have seen bandanas on everyone from Miley to Kendall. We all want to keep up with the Kardashians a little bit (listen, even if you don’t you do. You know it. Deep down in your soul. Don’t make me talk about my guilty pleasures and not admit they’re yours too!) These styles are perfect for summer! If you don’t feel like wearing a ton of jewelry or if you just want to keep your outfit pretty simple adding a bandana is a great idea. (Plus, if you get gross and sweaty like we did during this shoot you have a sweat rag tied around your neck… gross but true.) It’s a fun way to add a little bit of personality in to your standard summer wardrobe and it’s super affordable. Even if you go the Urban Outfitters route the bandanas are only 6 dollars, or you could just do what I did and pop over to your local dollar store and pick up two for a dollar!







The double point:

  1. Fold the bandana corner to corner
  2. don’t match the corners up to your preference
  4. Fold it into a 2-2.5 inch strip, leaving the corners out

This one is my favorite! It’s something you don’t see often and it’s so cute.








The single point:

  1. Fold the bandana corner to corner
  2. Tie behind your neck!

This one is so so simple, and so timeless.









The choker:

  1. Fold the bandana corner to corner
  2. Fold from the wide end down
  3. Wrap around your neck and bring the ends back to the front
  4. Tie in the middle of the bandana

Honestly, I saw this one on Kourtney Kardashians snapchat and I loved it! I think it’s a little nicer than the other ones. (I mean as nice as a bandana can be.)









The twist:

  1. Fold the bandana corner to corner
  2. (I prefer to roll from the corners up because then the corners don’t flap around) Roll bandana
  3. Twist and hold the ends so it doesn’t untwist
  4. Loosely wrap around your neck and tie in front

This one is the most comfortable because it sits so loose on your neck!

This isn’t me it’s my best friend (model extraordinaire) and she will be the model for most of my posts I much prefer to be behind the camera. We had so much fun shooting this even though it was so unbelievably humid and hot plus we got pizza and froyo as a treat to congratulate ourselves on the start of our model/photographer relationship! Sadly her shirt is sold out and I can’t find a good dupe but I’m sure you could find something on Etsy!

Have a wonderful week you guys, I’m going on vacation and I’ll talk to you again on Monday! If you want to keep up with me while I’m away go ahead and follow me on Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter! Click the icons on the home page/there are links on the about me page!


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