4 cooking staples. 
Chicken- Be it stovetop, grilled, or baked you must know how to cook a good cut of chicken. My three go to recipes lately are baked parmesan chicken, barbecue chicken, and just a simple stovetop chicken breast. 

Pasta- Being able to cook the perfect pasta is so important. You have to decide if you like your pasta al dente or if you’re a soft pasta person. 

Roasted veggies- This is such a staple in the kitchen. If you’re ever trying to figure out what side dish to make I guarantee roasted veggies will be a hit!

Mashed potatoes- So easy and soooo good. I swear my mom has the best recipe and I think it’s something like a whole stick of butter in there. Whether or not you’re into that much butter you have to know how to make a good mash. 

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