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    2 books you have to read.   1.The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery- It’s no surprise that this book is on the top of my list. My elephant tattoos are directly from this book! This is a nice and easy read, it’s super short, and honestly pretty cheap to buy online. I had the […]

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    Being alone is always so scary to me. When I lived in Oregon I learned what real loneliness is and I hated that. My dad tells me that everyone has to learn to be alone at least once in their life. I ran away from that feeling but this year I’m embracing it. I think […]

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    4 cooking staples.  Chicken- Be it stovetop, grilled, or baked you must know how to cook a good cut of chicken. My three go to recipes lately are baked parmesan chicken, barbecue chicken, and just a simple stovetop chicken breast.  Pasta- Being able to cook the perfect pasta is so important. You have to decide […]

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    5 resolutions I’m making in the hopes that one of them will stick!!  1. Practice more self love: Getting down on myself for eating a certain way or looking a certain way is not allowed in 2018! In 2018 we love our bodies and we fuel them intuitively! 2. Cook more at home: I got […]

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    I’ve got a countdown coming your way. Here’s post 2 of 7.  6 things to ask yourself in 2018.  1. What have you done for the earth today?- It’s important to take care of our planet. Could you walk somewhere you normally drive? Recycle something you would normally throw away? 2. What have you done […]

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  • This one made me cry!

    The new year is coming at a rough time for me. The last few months have been some seriously life changing months, and not all in good ways. My depression has become almost unmanageable at times and my anxiety is right there with it. I only share that because it’s important for others to hear […]

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  • Joy and food.

    Finding joy in food doesn’t sound hard, but until last night I came upon the realization that I rarely actually achieve that with food I’ve made. Before I was a vegan there was always some level of being grossed out by what i was cooking. Raw meat was always difficult to deal with, I enjoyed […]